I created EASE because finding a gentle yoga practice helped me a lot + I wanted to share this practice with others. Gentle yoga classes provided me with a newfound feeling of rest. There is something so peaceful about taking a slow breath in a room full of others doing the same thing, of finding soft stretches to settle into + kindly beginning to tune into the deeper layers of thoughts + feelings.  A place to feel, release, + breathe.

I wanted everyone to feel welcome, there had been so many times I wanted to attend classes + workshops but didn't. Whether it was that I couldn't afford it financially, an injury allowing me to do only half the poses, or being so new to the practice + feeling like I'd be lost.

So, EASE was born. EASE started as a series of workshops hosted in a friend's sweet little studio in Toronto. I was able to make the workshop on a Pay What You Can system, a system of generosity + community, where we all get to practice together whether you go for free or for a price of your choosing, it's totally up to you. 

I took all the trainings I could to learn more about the human body, it's variations + how to adapt a practice to each individual. I give everyone plenty of options for each pose, + give reminders that this is your practice, you choose what you do, I'm just here to guide + help. Everyone is welcome here no matter what variation of the pose you take, or if you do the pose at all. All bodies, all abilities are welcome.

I incorporate some optional gentle adjustments + massage, because touch can be so calming + healing. I also occasionally use some essential oils for relaxation purposes + honestly, because they smell so good!

I made some playlists for us with sweet tunes + have been lucky enough to have special guests like certified aromatherapists, reiki healers + other yoga teachers.

EASE is a gentle, relaxing yoga practice, created with lots of love.

EASE has moved online along with us during COVID times, between online zoom workshops + the series of audio practices on this site.

I'm so grateful to be able to share this practice with you. I hope you enjoy!


*Making zoom workshops accessible can be a little tricky given not being able to see you, so I am always around to chat, or video call before class to discuss extra options. If you want to participate in any EASE workshop but have concerns, contact me. We will make something work, or I will provide you with a private pwyc zoom workshop to suit your needs.