With summer going full swing, I thought it might be nice to slow down for a little bit together

EASE: at home⁣
A time to rest, relax + restore.⁣
7-8:45pm wednesday august 12

 on ZOOM

Releasing tension in the body through gentle movement with breath, longer held restorative poses, self massage + a guided relaxation. ⁣✨⁣

Come as you are, no experience necessary. ⁣
Just dress comfy, bring some pillows from your bed + some blankets. If you don’t have a yoga mat that’s ok, you can lay on your bed or a folded blanket to make the floor a little more cushy. ☁️⁣

This is a longer class, though the most common feedback I get after class is “that flew by!”, if you only want to do ten minutes or half the class, that’s cool too. Just hop on. ⁣

As always, this workshop is PAY WHAT YOU CAN, if you want a class but can’t swing it financially right now, I don’t care! Just join in.

⁣For more info on PAY WHAT YOU CAN, click here.

To sign up just send me a message here with your email address + I’ll send you the zoom link Wednesday afternoon.

*feel free to contact with me with any questions/concerns prior to class, we will work together to make this practice accessible to you + fit your needs.




I think we need more fun!
We know how good it felt to play when we were kids, but we seem to forget it as we grow up. Time for play is so good for us mentally, physically and emotionally. A time to shake out the stress, tension and anxiety that build in our bodies as we sit throughout the day in front of screens. A slightly less traditional yoga class. Adding in some lighthearted play, self massage + stress relieving movements.
Something different.

45 minutes of movement.

1pm on Friday.

To sign up just send me an email here  so I can send you the zoom link.

EASE: at home

A time to rest, relax + restore.⁣ ⁣
A little more gentle movement with breath than usual followed by longer held supportive poses + a guided relaxation. ⁣⁣Adding in lots of options for self massage.
Come as you are, no experience necessary.⁣⁣
Class runs from 7-8:45pm this Wednesday, perfect way to unwind into bedtime. If you only want to do ten minutes that’s ok too. Just hop on. ⁣⁣
Dress comfy + cozy, bring two or three pillows from your bed + a blanket. If you don’t have a mat no worries, for this practice you don’t need one, you can just put a few blankets on the floor for some extra cushion.⁣☁️⁣


EASE: an evening

A lot of time we leave this kind of class feeling snoozey, floaty, and a little “yoga stoned”. It’s so nice to just go home and to bed after a practice like this, that’s why I decided to host an evening class.⁣
We slowly wind down through movement, releasing tension in the body, then we start to work with breath, longer held gentle poses, and a guided meditation to let go of stress internally. I often use essential oils and some gentle massage to help deepen this practice.⁣

This is a PAY WHAT YOU WISH event, $20-40 suggested but truly no minimum.⁣


EASE: aroma + reiki

So happy to share with you I will be hosting another round of EASE. This time Kirsten Wood will be joining us to offer aromatherapy & reiki.
In this two hour workshop we will start with a juicy yin yoga practice to help release & unwind tension in the body, Kirsten will be diffusing & applying different essential oils as we practice. Then we will move into yoga nidra, a guided meditation, sometimes called the practice of yogic sleep. Deeply relaxing and restorative,  sort of floating between that place of awake & asleep. Kirsten will move around the room practicing reiki, a gentle hands on healing technique.
This is a pay what you choose workshop, the suggest rate is $20-40, but truly no minimum. 
We will be practicing in the beautiful Sama Studio on Sorauren in Roncesvalles.


EASE: 2 classes

I’m so excited be hosting EASE:  SATURDAY NOV 23 at sama studio.

I’m hosting this because this practice has helped me a lot and think it’s my responsibility to share this with others. This time I have two 90 minute classes with me and Allie Golabek. 

SOFTEN @1:30 pm
This class is a SLOWFLOW with YIN and ESSENTIAL OILS


RELEASE @ 3:30 pm

This class is a RESTORATIVE with YOGA NIDRA and gentle hands on adjustments

This is PAY WHAT YOU WISH event, $20-30 as a suggestion, but truly, no minimum.

I’ve got limited spots available, send me a message to save yours.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or concerns prior to class. We will make this practice accessible to you and fit YOUR needs.