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Private solo or group yoga session.

online or in person
60 min

first session $70


Hannah teaching a yoga class in a beautiful studio, everyone looks relaxed.
*if you would like in-home private yoga there is a small additional cost for driving time + distance.
* you may be asked to have your first session in studio before in home booking is available.

Private group yoga session, suitable for the office.
15- 60 min

Prices vary.

Screenshot from instagram of popular toronto based advertising agency, LG2, of hannah teaching a class for their #wellnesswednesday

Healing energy work, addressing mental, physical and emotional imbalances. 

Add reiki into your private yoga class or have a full session

Offered online or in person

20 - 60 minutes

Prices vary

Woman recieving reiki, Hannah's hands are placed behind the clients head, the client is relaxed and peaceful with her eyes closed.
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