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PWYC is the same thing as pay as you wish, pay what you choosepay what you can or pay what you want.

You truly get to decide how much you pay for these offerings.
This system makes yoga accessible to a wider range of people.

If you pay less or nothing at all, you still get to practice, be a part of the community, + soak up all the goodness a yoga class can give you.

If you choose to pay more it allows others who are not in the same place financially the ability to come to these events. This is what makes the pay what you can system one of generosity and community.

Payment goes towards the time it takes to plan the class, rent the space, take the trainings, create the online content, audio equipment, website + countless hours of practice + study to make these classes + workshops possible.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about this system.
You can reach out on my contact page here.


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