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Hannah doing a lunge supported with blocks and a blanket
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5 star Google review: At the age of 47 I had totally abandoned the idea that I could do yoga, due to some phisical issues. As I met Hannah I started reconsidering that belief. Her gentle approach and profound understanding of human mind and body allowed me to achieve unexpected improvements on how I feel in my body, in just few weeks. I'm a Yin yoga fan now!
5 star google review : I cannot recommend Hannah brown highly enough!! She is a sweet, personable, kind, and professional teacher. She clearly values inclusivity and accessibility to all individuals. I have learned more about what ‘yoga is’ from her and her approach in the 20 years I’ve practiced yoga. She comes from a place of encouraging students to being curious and open to the experience of yoga and how it feels in each of our individual bodies and works with each client (including myself) to meet his/her/they’d specific needs.  Also after one course with Hannah Brown, my mother realized she could do yoga (even though I’ve been telling her for 20 years
5 star google review : I've been attending Hannah's classes for many months, and every time, I feel so relaxed and replenished. Hannah offers a wide variety of classes - I discovered them first through Insight Timer. Hannah has such a soothing voice and offers variations of poses so I never feel like I have to push myself beyond what I need that day. What I love most about Hannah's classes are how accessible they are to her community - many of her class offerings, both on Insight Timer and her Tuesday night REST classes - are donation-based (pay what you can). I always look forward to Hannah's classes and can't wait to attend more!
5 star google review : I found out about Hannah on Insight Timer. I joined my first class and I immediately knew she was the right teacher for me! Hannah's approach is very gentle, she makes sure everyone can follow the instructions and she provides plenty of alternatives if some movements are not within your motion range. Her calmness is very soothing and she focuses on body & mind connection. This made me (finally) stick to regular yoga practice, as with other teachers I often felt it was a competition about who's more flexible and stretched. Thank you and looking forward to the next classes with you, Hannah!
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Hannah doing half hanumanasana with blocks and a blanket


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Welcome to Hannah Brown Yoga and Bodywork

I’m Hannah Brown, a yoga and pilates teacher located in the Peterborough/Toronto, Ontario area. But don’t worry if you are on the other side of town, or the planet - I teach online yoga as well!


I'm also thrilled to offer Thai Yoga Massage in Peterborough

Thai Yoga Massage

I like to say that once Thai Yoga Massage discovered me, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to learn more about this completely unique type of massage and its many benefits.

To learn more about Thai Yoga Massage, all of the fantastic mind, body and soul benefits and why I love this form of bodywork, be sure to head here.

Local Yoga


You may be here because you’re looking for a yoga class near you. I teach yoga and pilates classes in the Peterborough/Toronto, Ontario area, and you can see my class schedule here.


I also teach private yoga and workplace/corporate yoga. Click here to learn more.


Online Yoga Classes


Now, if you aren’t very close by - no worries. I teach online yoga classes through Insight Timer. That’s where you can find my pay-what-you-can yoga classes. View my online yoga schedule here.


Or, you can access my library of yoga, pilates and meditation videos on my Hannah Brown Yoga YouTube channel

My Yoga Philosophy

My goal is to make yoga as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. I really hope you’ll check out a class in-person or online soon.

And to learn more about me, my training, and the benefits of a sweet, gentle yoga practice, click below ...

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