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Find Compassion Towards Your Body

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

This quick mindset shift might just be the missing piece to find compassion towards your body, self love and deep understanding.

Hannah holding clients head as they lay back and relax into it. Reiki. Compassion. Care.

It's simple, but so profound.

The body hugs the lesions.

What if tension, gripping and holding… is your body’s way of hugging you?

Whether it's around an injury, trauma, or emotional pain.

Maybe it's your shoulders rolling in to protect your heart, maybe it's your low back, keeping you supported, maybe it's tight hips, not letting you go and step into the present, trying to repress feelings and memories. Maybe something else entirely.

The body hugs the lesions.

Sometimes we really need these hugs, they make us feel safe, held and supported. But other times, when it becomes chronic, it’s a little too much, like an overprotective friend, not letting us go because they are scared.

Your body is really just trying to protect you from harm, in the way it knows how.

We heal this first through awareness, then through self compassion, soothing the nervous system, gentle release, being held, touched and supported.

Your body loves you.

And it protects you. And it hugs you where you need it. Be kind towards your body, it’s trying its best.

Here's an instagram video I made about this topic.

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